Monday, February 18, 2008

Just a little update...

So here's a little bit of my life right now:

- Have slightly smelly, stubly armpits but fear the damaging effects of shower on newly french-manicured/pedicured appendages.

- Have 2 internships, so back to being constant worthless intern. Enjoying the reading of one and the hilarity of the dodginess of the other.

- Am still a bad driver, but at least I am insured. Am also in love with my car, despite the left blinkers being a little crap in the not-working kind of sense.

- Have yet another bag of lettuce that has rotted before being opened. Am considering giving up on buying it.

- Have probably failed my first midterm.

- Have a short film to make, have not done anything in the two weeks that I was meant to be finished in.

- Have spent a long weekend not doing any work. Am not sure if there is any work that I am meant to be doing.

- Was recently conflicted when NB stole a sausage off Mom's plate to feed me because I was bitching about being hungry and IHOP's service was being not good. On one hand, was all "why did you do that you moron?" with everyone else, on the other hand was quite chuffed when he looked around indignantly and proclaimed "when my girlfriend is hungry, I'm going to find her food!" Felt this statement deserved reward.

- Now need to do my laundry as while putting strawberry-syrup covered pancakes in a leftover box at said IHOP, said box flipped them onto hoodie and holey jeans. Also splattered onto Marine's pjs.

- Am excited that a man Rona met on Woome may get us into Jay Leno (maybe?) when James is going to be there. Am planning on seducing him. Am probably not going to manage.

- Am awed by awesome ads for 'Wanted', James' new movie with Angelina Jolie.

- Am sad that I still don't know how to put youtube vids in.

1 comment:

drei said...

all you gotta do is press the upload button my friend.. and ur famous! and u need to shower.. =)


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