Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Birthday List

Get excited, y'all, it's that time of the year again. The time where you buy me presents and I do stupid things like wear a dress everyday despite the cold because Heidi Montag told LC she should back when they were friends.

So here we go:

1) Twilight DVD (Release date: 21st March)

There's nothing better than special features and deleted scenes of making out.

2) Polaroid 600 film

I have always wanted a Polaroid. I found one in a thrift store for $6 so I just had to have it. Natch I jump on the band wagon way too late, because they've discontinued the film. But the guy at the store assured me this camera shop would sell it. He was wrong. So now I have a cam with no click flash zoop. Please help.

3) A new pair of everyday flats.

Mine are in a depressing state, you know, holes in the bottom and the sole falling off.

4) Mani/pedi

My nails have been looking pretty ragged lately. That's actually Rona's foot like two years ago, but whatever, you get the gist.

5) Hugs and kisses all round. Or alc. Ooh, a trip to Vegas?

Ok that is it. For now....


Anonymous said...

you know what woul be awesome? if you DID go on a trip to vegas end march and bumped into alex and his gf there! that would be awesome.

rem said...

Happy Birthday Phish!

Ronez said...

my foot looks fantastic. I'll give you a mani/pedi and maybe even a facial if you wanted :)


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