Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Is it called eavesdropping for an online conversation? Because.... it's like listening. With your eyes. Eyedropping? Ah, eavesdropping has nothing to do with ears, apparently. Learn something new everyday.

Anyway, girl next to me in production design yesterday:

Friend: Yes, always leave them wanting.
She: Especially if I want him to take me on his weekend away fiasco.

(I might have the words wrong, but you get the gist)

And later:

She: Grrrrr... I want the boy!!!!

Bahah. This made me so happy. The story in my mind was that she didn't stay over at some boys house (presumably a frat boy) despite wanting to, because no one wants to buy the cow if you're giving the milk away for free, right? (Buying the Cow has been on TV a lot as of late. Before, I would have used 'no one wants to buy the ice cream truck when you're giving the popsicles away for free' from Never Been Kissed) So obvs she didn't stay over because she wants to lure him in and trap him into taking him away on the big away weekend invite. I can almost guarantee that.

First thought: Must be a sophomore. While I believe Jrs capable of the scheming, I don't think they would use the grr thing. Too much desperation in the voice. You should be a little more jaded by then. Or in a relationship. Or at the point where you're like, eff it, let's just do it, we both know you ain't calling back.

Second thought: Aww, I miss the games and flirting and scandals and walks of shames. Tip to girls considering walk of shame: Much better is the drive of shame where boy either drives you home, or your roommates come and pick you up. Even better is where he bikes of shame home. (In 1st and 3rd cases, see: face,Baby. In 2nd case, see: Shame, Carpool of, whereby one roommate drives around the neighborhood picking up all the strays)

Just a little story for all of you to enjoy.

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