Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not quite there...

I have this book. And I love it because all of the pictures are delicious and the recipes easy-ish. But I've only tried two of the recipes, and neither have really impressed me. You know, good in theory, mediocre in practice.

Tonight I tried to make summer berry tartlets.


1) Crust kind of dry and not super special delish tasty.

2) Vanilla cream was lumpy (my fault) and too jelly-ish, not creamy enough. And not as white and creamy as they imply.

3) The whole thing was very disproportionate. The recipe for the crust claims to make 20 mini tarts and they must be frickin tiny because I made 12. And then there was only enough vanilla cream for 10. (Though the leftovers went fab with strawberry yoghurt. Kind of like eating graham crackers and yoghurt.)

4) My blueberries were kind of sour. I guess it's not summer yet. I was just so anxious.

However, they did look really pretty with the sugar dusted on.

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bev said...

aiyah, auntie we should be roommates. for real. we would cook up a storm together all the time. and share cookbooks. weee.


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