Wednesday, May 14, 2008

If you know me at all, you know I'm not joking...

Well, it's finals week, and you know what that means: rekindling my romance with Popcap games. On Sunday, mere days away from a final for which I knew (and still know) nothing about, I played Big Money for 6 hours. I mean, there were breaks to eat and stuff, but there was definately no micro-econ happening.

So I essentially gave up on econ and was playing Big Money at Popovitch (our classy business school cafe) while I was meant to be studying. But it totally paid off, because I made it to entrepreneur (my highest ever!), and while I admittedly guessed 80% of the answers on my final, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have known much more had I spent my weekend studying. I also left the exam first.

A quote from a random frat boy that was walking around outside afterwards:

"I dunno man, it looked like there hadn't been some Es in a while, so I put E."

Which pretty much sums up my collegiate testing life.

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