Monday, May 19, 2008

Really Hawt

Let me begin with an anecdote:

When I was home in December, I was having a day out with my friend, Bev. We were in Borders, loitering around the tween book section and noticed a large pile of some melo-dramatic series about vampires. We half-seriously joked about how I should buy it, but then I thought it looked so awful I refused.

Anyway, turns out this book was Twilight, a movie coming out soon, but more importantly, starring Cedric Diggory! (Ok ok, his real name is Robert Pattinson.)

I'm sure you all remember being broken hearted in like... sec 2, when the most handsome man in the Harry Potter series DIED. And then reliving the heartache when he turned out to be actually handsome, in the movie, and again, DIED! Well, now Rob-bob is playing a vampire, so he's immortal - suck on that, Voldie!

Why didn't I buy the book, Damnit!


sonia said...

oy. i swear i saw the pile of books with you at some point as well! wasn't it like a series? movie looks amazing. i adore vampires, they are the coolest. however, i dislike this blatant misprotrayal, where they are able to wander around in sunlight, don't these people know anything???

bevvy said...

i daresay he is way more attractive as a vampire than cedric. but then again, everybody knows i have a thing for vampires. haha.


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