Tuesday, February 10, 2009

D. Fanning - Stamp of approval

So you know who I used to think was a scary little witch child? Dakota Fanning.

But recently, she has been appearing all kinds of pretty and stylish. She and Emma Watson should hang out in like the cute-classy tween club. (As opposed to the cute-but-deathly-annoying-tween club, president: Miley, co-pres: T-Tay, Treasurer: Demi Lawhatsists). (It occurs to me that 'tween' is actually 'teen', because they were actual tweens when I was an actual teen... no longer...). I was about to write up on Coraline, but I have to wake up soon so I shouldn't. Push looks awful, but Camilla is in it, and I need to screen stalk her a bit, so I might see it anyway... And she is going to be in Twilight, probably, playing the devil witch child that she once was...

Back to it:

(stolen from justjared)

Really, adorable. You better be saying that with the french inflection. Pretty pretty pretty.

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su said...

when did she get so cute??


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