Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So in the end, I did get bangs. Half out of love for bangs, and half out of a desire not to maintain the brows.

This is me playing with photobooth at work. I chose the thermal effect because then you can't see how deathly grey my skin is in natural light. Instead, you can see how oily my nose is.

Anyway, note that I am wearing a headband. Most days I have to wear a headband, or hair pins, or have it up, or back comb it, or have it curled... So I can look like this:

(And OMG, isn't Lily Cole super adorable / delicious here?)

And not like this:


Which I do, if I just brush my hair and do nothing else. Am seriously contemplating investing in a Bump It, so as not to have to spend so much time / stolen hair products on back combing. Not sure if I could suffer through the humiliation.


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