Monday, November 9, 2009

Candle in the Wind

Speaking of smelly things, I bought a scented candle from the cute little store across the street - Jonathan Wright and Company. That is not a very cute name for a store, am disappointed now that I have checked the receipt. But they had a cute little poodley dog running around that looked like a very small lamb with a bald patch on it's rump. And their website is cute. So I guess it's ok.

My tropical chutney or whatever from Bath and Bodyworks has been running down, and as I said, NB has very smelly farts, so I decided I needed to invest in a new candle. I only like citrussy ones, don't ask, just personal preference. This is 'Goji & Tarocco Orange' by Voluspa and it smelt quite delicious, but now that I have it lit I can barely smell it at all.

Still, at least it is brightening up my lonely office and keeping my mini pumpkin company. When is the appropriate time to throw away a mini pumpkin? Should I keep it through Thanksgiving? It doesn't seem to be rotting yet.

*Update -- two coworkers have said that my office smells rocking the stockings so I guess it's just my nose. *

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