Monday, November 9, 2009


Here is my champion weekend purchase from Trader Joes. I don't even like brussel sprouts but it was like $3 and who knew they came on a vine and were such freaks?

Roasted with EVOO, salt and pepper... for an hour... on 400F. A bit of a failey fail, the house was very hot and the outsides were a little black and the insides were a little raw and the stalk did not cook at all even after another 20 min sans sprouts. That was sad. In the end, we should have just plucked em off and roasted them so they would be cooked evenly. But that seems like such a waste.

Now everyone is farting sprout farts, which are similar to cabbage farts but stay in the air longer.

Oh, yes, that is NB in the background. He bicycled all the way to LA from Washington state. I know, what a crazy. Now he is all hairy and all his clothes have holes and his shoes are smelly and actually orthopedic shoes for elderly women. My receptionist is going to queer eye him this weekend.

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