Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Girl Crushes

1. Olivia Thirlby

Have loved her since Juno. Saw New York, I Love You last weekend and while I can't say I appreciated all of the films (uh... someone please explain the Shia one to me), I loveddd her in it with that dorky kid from Star Trek and the newest Terminator.

2. Dakota Fanning

Already expressed my adoration for her pretty recently, but her Teen Vogue shoot was BEAUTIFUL. Tell me her eyes weren't retouched. I'm excited for Joan Jett and the Runaways, and also for New Moon. She is the perfect Jane, with that creepy perfect child star face.

3. Diana Agron

Oh Quinn Fabray. How can anyone not love her? She's pretty, and skinny, and hilarious. And she can sing. 'Nuff said.

4. Candice Accola

Vampire Diaries is a dreadful show full of bad story and cheap rip offs of other vampire things that shall remained unnamed. Saving grace: Handsome boys and the hilarious things that Caroline says.

Oh wow, also, she was in Juno as the female lab partner. Was she the chick who had to go lie down in the nurses office who was bitching at her boyfriend for having a wine cooler at his brother's frat house? My love deepens.

5. Anna Kendrick

I know, I should be ashamed, 2 of the Twilight chicks made it on here. But she cracks me up every time I see Twilight. "Oh... you're so... funny... heh..." and "She's right though, my boobs do look awesome in this."

And apparently she is pretty legit in whatever real movies she has coming out between the Twilight saga stuff. Am excited.

Hmm... It would appear that other than D Fanning, all my girl crushes are the pretty, bitchy, occasionally bimbotic frenemies. Can't help it, they get the best lines.

Other mentionables: The Emmas: Watson and Roberts. I will always love you both. KStew, I love you but just not quite as much.

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