Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Electric Envy

As of late, my wish list has been occupied by an unusual amount of technology. Eg:

1) Macbook
2) Final Cut
3) Photo shop
4) One of those mouse-pen things... a pallet?
5) A polaroid camera

I think it's because I con myself into believing that my lack of creative output due to laziness isn't really laziness so much as not being efficiently equipped (equipt?) -- If I had final cut, I'd make sooo many movies. (Because, seeing as I now have a video camera and outside of having some wonderful shots of me scaring my poor roommate Shawks, no movies have come into being.)

Also, my mother is completely to blame for no 1, well my mother and also the demons (ie viruses. Viri?) that invaded my computer last semester. Because when I was last at home she was all "oh why don't we give Dom your computer and then get you a new one?" and "Or maybe we could just scrap the lot and all get new ones?" But that plan never came to fruition. Oh and even though I am a traditional Mac Hater I have been seduced by it's sleekness and grudgingly give in to popular appeal. I'm a late adopter.

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