Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Am Legend

Why did I watch this? Zombies scare the poop out of me, and then I had to move my car and was half convinced a zombie would pop out of the back seat and eat me. But whatevs, I did- just barely, either dancing around the room screaming at Will or else with my head burried in the Neighbour Boy's lap (eliciting many 'hur hur wow zombies make you really hot, huh?' comments from the boys)- and now you get to read about it.

Plot: Legend (idk his character's real name, but it was Will Smith aka the Fresh Prince and the Man in Black) is the 'last' man alive after the cure for cancer kills 90% of the world's population and then the 1% immune all get eaten up by the remaining 9% infected zombies. He likes experimenting to find a cure, daydreaming about the past, walking his dog (in the daylight, because Zombs are allergic to UV rays), Bob Marley and Shrek (Which was not one of his movies, Tony, you racist eff). Then one day the Zombs get smart and use his own trap on him and in doing that he gets himself attacked and nearly dies, but this lady saves him and oh yea, you aren't the last one alive coz she and her son are too and are on their way to some camp of survivors but Will doesn't believe it exists so he doesn't want to go but it doesn't matter anyway coz you led the Zombs to my house you silly slut, but oh hey I found the cure take that shizz with you while I blow myself up to save you.

Oh sorry, did I ruin the ending?

The Good: Will held his own pretty well, considering it was just him and the doggy for the first 1/2, and some Zombs and some Zombrats and some Flashbacks. The plot for the book sounds great too, coz apparently in that version Will is the only human that didn't evolve into a stupid Zomb and he's a legend because he's some kind of monster that hunts them down while they are sleeping so he shoots himself.

The Bad: The special effects were pretty fake. The ending was pretty cheeze. There was a little too much God-talk. Killing the dog was just rude, because everyone knows that's an easy heart-string tugger. Oh sorry, spoiler.

The Ugly: The Zombs.

Yay or Nay? Don't rush out and buy it or anything, but it might be good for a big buncha ppl to rent or if it's on TV or something, sure, why not, it beats Meet the Spartans.

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