Sunday, March 30, 2008

This is why facebook is life...

Look what facebook just sent me. OMG.

Win a lunch and shopping spree with LC.

Hahah. I definately just entered that. Win a trip to LA? NO WAY. I'm sorry I'm such a 13 year old girl.

If you don't know who LC is (ie if you are a socially retarded boy without a girlfriend), she is the star of MTV's reality TV series Laguna Beach... and also the Hills. She has pretty much the best job ever: get paid to wear amazing clothes and go to sexy restaurants and bars and bitch about the people you know.

I could do that so well. We were going to make a reality tv series, Providence 8, but never got round to it. Boo.

Anyway, sorry I think this is only for people in America... everyone else can just look and cry that they are missing out on this great opportunity.

1 comment:

bev said...

i totally entered that competition. also, teenvogue is holding a hills-related free shopping trip to paris, which I obvs entered as well. haha.


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