Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lazy College Student Attepts Classiness

So, Spring Break is over and I have yet to visit Ralphs. As such, I had to make a meal out of the plethora of useless but irresistable things that I have in my over-stuffed cupboard. For those of you that don't know me (well), I can't say no to a great condiment/jar of preserved stuff. As such, all I have to eat are various chili sauces, gravys (gravies?), sun dried tomatoes, capers, jello that never became a jello shot, various Primas packets (Singapore food sauces), and some mac n cheese from freshman year.

Luckily, something I always have in my cupboard is a pack of spaghetti. I try to stay away from it, because carbs are meant to be insta-death, but desperate times call for desperate measures , so I just commited the cardinal sin of eating pasta after 8.
9:30, to be precise.

Tonight for dinz, we have:

Fettucine with Pesto, Sundried Tomatoes and Grilled Turkey Breast.

Since I've already gobbled this shizz down (and by shizz I mean big pot of amazingness), you will have to be satisfied by some kind of internet picture which is probs better than anything I could have taken.

Anyway, here's what you COULD do:

For pesto: Chuck 2 1/2 cups of basil, 1 cup of parmesan, 1/3 cup of olive oil, some salt n pepper (and this also says pine nuts, but really, who has those lying around?? I guess people don't really have basil either*) in a food processor and blend that shizz up.

For turkey: Season both sides of the meat (salt, pepper, whatever else you feel like: lemon juice would probs go well, or lemon pepper if you have it) then grill for probably about 3-4 min on each side. Don't over do it or it'll be disgusto and dry. You could use a chicken if that's easier

For pasta: Boil in water with salt (and I put in a little olive oil from my sundried tomato jar) for 5 min or until 'al dente' ie not too cooked.

Mix em up with a table spoon of sun dried tomatoes, some chilli flakes and salt and pepper, and serve.


For Pesto: I found a little pot of pesto that I bought last semester in the fridge. They only last 2 weeks which is kind of a drag, but you can freeze them.

For Turkey: I used the great pre-cooked turkey breast strips that I discovered them watching Semi Home Made with Sandra Lee, and was totally enamoured.

For Pasta: Same as above, then drain and leave over heat while you mix in the turkey and pesto so that it heats up, seeing as all that just came out of the freezing cold top shelf of the fridge.

Waaay easier. And if you're worried about health and all that, use whole wheat pasta. I would have added vegetables, but I didn't have any. You could throw some chopped up asparagus in, that would be good. Or some canned artichokes.

I guess it's not a very original recipe/dish, but it was delish and I'm a little bored and haven't food blogged in an age.

PS. I'm sorry I steal so many pictures.

* Long story that I didn't want to put in brackets. I have inherited from my mother a mad desire to own and maintain a basil plant (along with other 'useful' herbs) so that I can have freshly plucked basil in my food whenever I so desire. Unforch, along with this fantasy I inherited her reddish-purple thumbs. Which is the opposite of green on the colour wheel. Ie, every plant we touch dies. Anyhoo, that puts a damper on my plans because all my basil plants seem to whither away with the daffydils that I so love and also the other herbs that get thrown in the mix. As such, I used to end up paying ridic amounts for little boxes of basil leaves and now I just stopped eating stuff that needs them.

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