Thursday, March 27, 2008

What To Do At Twenty Two?

This year's birthday is going to be so blah. Mostly because it isn't the big 2-1, and because I haven't spent the week wearing dresses every day despite the freezing cold. I did write a poem though. Usually, I'm not the type to put my heart up for the stabbing like this, but here goes:

One Lung Less

I have the most ferocious smoker's cough,
I say I don't and strangers scoff.
Don't smoke, that is, not one puff-
Well, that's a lie, but close enough.

What did you think?

I'm pretty uncool this year, I have nothing cute or quirky on my wish list, just practical grown-up shizz like "A job", "not to be deported", and my personal fav: "for my taxes to do themselves".

Actually, I just thought of one: a hat. My roommates will probably hate it, but I want one of those straw fedoras. Or maybe twill.

Like that but not brown, neutral is nicer I think. I'm sorry I'm so ugly, but I like them. This is why I could never write a fashion blog.

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