Monday, March 10, 2008

Say hello to your friends...

Awesome blog for you to check out.

But really you'll probably only appreciate this if you were a little girl that could read some time in the early 90s.

This genius girl has decided to revisit her childhood by re-reading all the Baby Sitters' Club Books. Amazing. What a great plan. I wish I hadn't sold all mine to Sunny bookshop in that whole 'I'm too old for this shizz' phase of my life. You're never too old for the BSC.

Actually this chick is kind of a bitch about it, but I guess they aren't as good revisited as they were way back when.

I can feel some great Halloween costumes coming on....

Also, still working on the whole youtube biz, but I think I almost have it figured out. Until then, you'll just have to click to get to the only full episode I could find.

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