Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Way better than expected.

Plot: Bartleby (Justin Long aka Geeky kid from Ed aka Geeky kid from Dodgeball aka Nearly had sex with Britney in Crossroads... haa, bet you forgot that one!) fails at life. Well, not really. He just doesn't get into any colleges. His parents are hugely disappointed, so he makes up a fake school that he 'got into'. Then he actually has to make the fake school, and it turns out the fake website has been accepting other kids (Acceptance is just one click away!) who are also college-rejects. They have barrels of fun doing their not real classes while trying to foil the principle of a real college who is trying to destroy them so his school can buy the land.

The good: The script was hilarious, if a little slap stick. It was nice because unlike most college humouresque movies, there weren't any gross-out laughs, mostly just puns and entendres and injuries and stupid people. The characters were great, I especially liked that there was a girl called Rory who didn't get into Yale, I am convinced it's a hidden Gilmore Girls reference.

The bad: Love interest (Blake Lively aka Serena from Gossip Girl) has terrible acting and was really kind of a downer in all her scenes, and her giggle gets annoying. But at least she was pretty and had some cute outfits. Also, the plot was a little predictable. Alot predictable.

The ugly: The best friend (Jonah Hill aka Superbad) was looking particularly fat in this movie. And he was kind of an ass in the middle.

Yay or nay? Yay. Definately yay. I might even say buy the DVD, it seems like something you could watch often, you know when you're sitting around watching funny college movies as I'm sure people do. I mean, it isn't academy worthy or anything, but it's a nice feel good thing.

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