Monday, October 22, 2007

No More Ladies

Probably the best written film I've seen in a long time. It was on TCM last night, so if you don't like black n whites, read no further, although I really think you'll probably love it anyway. It was pretty timeless. Or actually, it was pretty racy, much to the shock of Rona and I. (Incidentally, Rona was into her 12th hour of straight television at the time. Just thought I'd throw it out there.)

Tagline: Joan Crawford plays some rich New Yorker who manages to score a big time playboy as a husband. She is completely aware of his womanizing ways, but loves him anyway, except when he hooks up with some other woman and she decides to teach him a lesson.

The Good: Everyone was pretty good looking. I don't usually go for the 30s hero type, but they were all pretty hot. But more importantly, it was HILARIOUS. Who knew people in the 30s were having affairs and talking about sex and drinking all night all the time? And implying that they swore (Grandma says: I haven't said 'darn' in 20 years...")? Shouldn't they have been focussing on things like the great depression? Great characterizations. Women were pretty independent, lots of great parodies (watch for the Englishman).

The Bad: Well, okay, the plot wasn't the MOST original, but that's ok. Back in the 30s it might have been.

The Ugly: Some of Joan's clothes were hideously marred by strange big bows and nun-habit bibs. Also, her hairstyles weren't very sexy.

Yay or Nay? Yay. Come on guys, it's a classic. And I think it would appeal to both men and women. So there.

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