Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A real college education

Watching reruns of Gilmore Girls...

Rory and Logan are an amazing couple.

They're right up there with Max and Liz, Joey and Pacey, Derek and Meredith, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston...

Anyway, here is what I took away:

-Logan's family didn't like Rory because she wasn't of good breeding, and wanted to be a career woman, and wasn't bred for it.

-Therefore, in order to catch a Logan, (or be what the fam wants I guess) don't you have to catch a man by like soph. year so that by senior year you can be engaged so you never have to work?

-Which means you probably need to be in a sorority so you can be exposed to all these eligible bachelors. This is probs a generalization but ...

-Which means I fail.

But what I did appreciate:

-Even Rory gets ignored.

-Her hair is really cute.

So here is the real life lesson:

How to use Rona's straightening iron in the bathroom instead of going to Math in order to tame my hair into Rory's season 6 hair.


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