Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cleanin' Out My Closet

Today, after a really really long time, I finally worked out the pin to my voicemail box and cleaned it out.

Msg one was telling me that someone had tried to get into my voicemail with the wrong pin 3 times only minutes before (er, that would be me...)

The next msg was from January 2006. Yes, it turns out that I haven't known my pin since freshman year. So here's some return msgs.

Dear Kris, thanks for all the offers of rides to work.

Dear Melissa, why aren't you eating lunch with me, you beeyotch!

Dear Shaun, I think you sat on your phone.

Dear Jake, Cool, see you downstsairs in like 2 minutes.

Dear Isaac, woohoo, the exams are over, time to party!

Dear Aunty Olive, okay, I'll check my email.

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