Sunday, November 25, 2007

August Rush

I've been wanting to see this since Spring Break 05 when we saw this filming at NYU and took it for some shitty student film with a really hot guy and some dumb kid. I wish I could say it was the best movie ever, especially the bit where Wen, Aimee and I were in the background. Unforch, it was close to great but somehow missed the mark completely, and also, we totz weren't in the background. Or the foreground for that matter.

The sums: Keri Russell (aka Felicity) is a prissy Cello player. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (aka Bend it like Beckham's HOT coach, Vanity Fair's HOT if arrogant dude...) is a HOT irish rock band boy. They meet at a party and have a one night stand, then don't see each other for about 12 years. Meanwhile, they pine for each other, Keri Russell has (and loses) a baby, pine pine. Also, said lost baby (Freddie Highmore aka Charlie aka Asshole kid from Finding Neverland aka a young Russel Crowe in A Good Year aka PAN FROM GOLDEN COMPASS (!!! Did anyone know that???!!) ) grows up in some boys home outside new york, hearing music in everything and believing that music will bring him to his parents or vice versa. He runs off to the city to find them where he meets a CREEPER Robin Williams, who is the Fagin of modern days, then runs off from him and gets into Juliard and has a huge concert because he is a musical prodigy.

Not that sumful. Here's a more concise one:

Little Orphan boy searches for parents through music with the help of lots of black people. JRM is HOT.

A quote from Melissa: Really, all I learnt from this movie was that Jonathan Rhys Meyers is really hot.

The Good: Er, any shot where Jonathan Rhys Meyers is present. The music was amazing, and so were the musical montages. The use of polaroids. (Discussion on Polaroids to come) JRM's Irish band of brothers were pretty hot. Getting to see William Sadler (aka Sheriff Valenti from Roswell). The little kids. The build up about 15 minutes before the end of the movie.

(this pic is in polariod form for the movie but this is as close as I could get. Aww spooning. )

The Bad: The dialogue was SO SO SO bad. Corneee as the corn dog I just ate from Sonic, and just generally shite. The editing anywhere that the music wasn't. The unfulfilling ending (let down, anti-climax R US).

The Ugly: Robin Williams's red hair and piercings. Freddie Highmore's fake old man hands.

Some things were confusing too: How did Freddie get so good so quick? How did Felicity know the baby was a boy if she was all kinds of knocked out? How did JRM know that it was his kid on stage? How were there no sex scenes and barely any kissing? How come JRM was wearing a shirt all the time? Where can I get me a JRM?

And again, I was reminded how hot it would be to be someone's muse and get a great song written about how much someone loves you. Particulary if said someone was as hot as JRM. You think he can't get much better looking, but really, put him in a leather jacket (y'all know I love the leather jacketed man...) on stage with some other hot men, and wow wow whee.


Yay or Nay? Yay to all girls, because you can't miss JRM. Yay to people who are big music fans. Nay to guys bringing a girl on a date coz she's gonna find you disappointing after this movie. Nay to groups of guys, because even a group of 3 girls spent a great deal of time saying "this movie is really gay."

Here's a shirtless pic. I think he's hotter in the movie, but really, why not right?

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