Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Best Things In Life Are Free

Or: How to do Vegas the smart way.

Go with a native.

1) Stay with native, or, go when her mother is around to get you a room at the MGM.

2) Do meals with her relatives.

Eat: Buffet, Thanksgiving Dinner, Pizza, Thai, Pie, Vietnamese, Good ol' homecooked chinese food.

Be: a Fatty.

3) Watch movies at places where she has 'comps'. As in, here's your tickets and your popcorn, fatty.

This way, you get to spend all your money on:
Clothes. Shoes. And junk. Which are not on thanksgiving sale, for some reason.

Tonight after the movie, we also spent a really long time looking for this mystical sonic that Rach and I swore we saw on the way to somewhere. Our excuse was that I've never had it, and it's a must. When we finally saw it, Melissa swerved dangerously towards it. We all screamed, but not in terror of the impending death, but joy.

The end.

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Andrei said...

make me some paella!


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