Friday, November 23, 2007

Cap ou pas cap?

So, my brother seems to be living Love Me If You Dare.

Here's a convo:

Hamtaru says: do u have any boxers in singapore

moooo says: no i dont think so but i just bought you 3 pairs

Hamtaru says: i have to ... wear ur underwear for a day

moooo says: why do you have ot wear my underwear

Hamtaru says: me n my fren were ing extreme dare

moooo says: hahah idiot. whats he gonna do

Hamtaru says: and i have to wear ur bra and stuff it

moooo says: ahahha are there even any bras there? you can wear a thong. there should be oen that says cowgirl or something on it

Hamtaru says: she has to wear this rly rly rly disgusting guy in my class boxers. we all h8 him. and she has to do some othr stuff

moooo says: with a girl, you ve been playing this with a girl?

Yea, I know, shock of your life, right?? Shock of mine at least.

Here's some of their other dares.

- i have to wedgy this rly rough guy who is gonna beat me up after
- and i have to jump onto this big guy ant put my arms around his neck my legs around his body
- and i have to do many more stuff which are rly evil
- she has to grab this guyz ass... the disgusting guy

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