Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mars and Venus

So, in a convo with my neighbour, we both discovered that we fall in and out of love easily and frequently. So here's the difference:

Him: Amanda, I fall in love with girls and fall out of love with them when I realize they aren't interested in me.

Me: I fall in love with boys and fall out of love when they are interested in me. Which is why I love jerks.

Him: No, you love jerks because you are a girl.

So let's say, all girls think like me and all boys like he.

Null Hypothesis: I am happily in love and loved back.

Reject null because: If I love a boy, and he loves me because he sees that I love he, then I will fall out of love with him because of the Me clause.

I just got really confused as to why my love life is not happening, but I've found the fallacy: Clause He only works if he has already fallen in love with me, that he would see that I love him and thus not drop me. (But I'd drop him).

It's too late at night for these types of mathematical theories.

But it does explain how guys get over things so fast.

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