Monday, June 16, 2008

Experimental Baking : The Conclusion

Tonight, on In The Kitchen: These suckas are out of the oven, cooled, tasted, and wrapped. They're not very shortbready, though.

Previously, on In The Kitchen: I took the dough, slapped it on to some floured cling film, squashed it into a log and stuck it in the fridge.


(Super: One Hour Later)

I took both logs out and cut them each into 12 slices. Perfect dozen per batch. Sprinkled some white sugar on the pecan+cherry before baking, didn't on the other. Should have. The problem with the sugar is that it browns the sides. The bottoms of mine were brown anyway from Pamming the foil. I should stop doing that.

Neither cookie was very short-bread like, they were more like sugar cookies. Not enough butter? Not enough flour? Too much mixing? Will have to find out what Ina does.

The pecan+cherry were excellent, would be even better half dipped in chocolate. Unforch, I don't have any.

The lemon was sour as eff, so I sprinkled some sugar on them and baked them for another 5 minutes. That wasn't long enough to melt the sugar though. Solution? I think half the lemon juice and 1/8 cup more sugar would have been excellent. Also, I was really lazy with my rind so there are rather large curls of lemon peel in them. Oh wells.

Did my ghetto packaging for the office peeps -- see how they like them, or how polite they can be while eating the lemon ones.

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