Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Incredible Hulk

Was really not that incredible. It was pretty shit, actually. I had pretty high expectations going into it because lots of people told me it was good... lies.

Story: Bruce Banner (aka Edward Norton, aka if Brad Pitt was a big green monster, Edward Norton was also the Hulk in Fight Club) is on the run from the US Government. He used to be a scientist, but then an experiment went awry and now whenever his pulse reaches 200 he turns into a big green monster that is really strong and bullet proof. He was hiding out in Brazil when the government caught up with him, so then he went to stalk his ex girlfriend, Betty (aka Liv Tyler, aka Arwen, aka lots of things where she breathes romantically instead of talking). Betty has a new man now, so Bruce decides he'll just leave her alone and go get a cure for his hulking from some guy he's been corresponding with. Oh yea he was also stalking her so he could get some info on the disaster, but all those files were erased so he doesn't have them.

Ok, I really can't be bothered, basically Betty's dad is some high up general and wants to experiment on Bruce and he has a buddy who wants to be a super monster too, and Betty sees Bruce and learns that she can control the Hulk because love is the greatest power of all, and she and Bruce go on a road trip and then Bruce has to accept his hulky ways so he can fight the other guy.

The Good: Edward Norton is great as usual. The first 30 minutes were good, when it was just Ed and his life in Brazil. Then the others come in and ruin the movie. It's also funny that they can't have sex because it risks him turning into the hulk. Sorry, SPOILER.

The Bad: Liv Tyler's idea of acting, which is really powerless and just breathing out her lines. Lots of plot holes (why are you running away, Hulk? What happened to your scientist friend? Why wouldn't Betty let you kill the mofo?). The final fight lasts way too long.

The Ugly: Liv's hands are pretty mannish. Also, some of the CGI was really fake looking (ie the hulk himself) and that was pretty distracting.

Yay or Nay: Eh... I'd pass. Iron Man was infinitely better.

Also, don't bother sticking around through the credits... there is no special secret scene.

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