Friday, June 6, 2008


Maybe its the foreign bed, but I've been having the most bizarre nightmares. Just for kicks, thought I'd share.

So, I had my Aunty Carol's car at school, for some reason, and it was parked on the roof of the parking structure. A parking structure in the middle of the business school and library, which doesn't exist, but oh well. Anyway, I needed to drive it somewhere, so I was going to back out of the spot, except I forgot to put it in R. So I go forward, but somehow the wall is more like a little wedge, so I go plummeting to my death.

Except not really, becuase the car lands on its nose then rights itself. I am a little shaken up, but the car is undamaged, and so am I. The car is still in drive, so it goes forward, I park it in the rose garden.

Then, DPS rolls up and tries to give me a ticket for drunk driving! Apparently no one would be stupid enough to drive off a building without being drunk. But what really gave it away was how i drove AFTER I crashed. Badly, apparently. I'm all, no! I haven't been drinking! They breathalize me, and I get 69 points! Now, I don't know what that means, but it was clearly very high alc. So I had to call my mum and my aunts. They were pretty displeased, and everyone thought I had been drinking, even my roommates and cousin who had been with me, not drinking, all afternoon.

But, my mum really came through for me when I said we should sue the school and she agreed. Because, you know, not having a wall on a parking structure is kind of dangerous. But apparently it was a hopeless case so I think we didn't.

The End.

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