Friday, June 13, 2008

Ugh, distracted

So I have finally finished all 3 of the Stephanie Meyer books (Twilight, etc), and now I can continue with my life. Except I can't, because of course now I have that mood stuck in my head so how can I go back to writing a romantic comedy screenplay when I am so desperately in love with a crappy teenage soul mate romance novel?

Anyway, more on life soon. I thought I'd give a Top 10 List of Handsome Soul Mate Man Names, because the name Edward really doesn't cut it for me. If I've been influenced by a book or person, I'll say it. Lots of them are names that I've used for characters, so I have biases. Also, I totally cheated and stuck some names that interchange in preferences for me.

Top 10 List of Handsome Soul Mate Man Names (And some periphery men you'll want around in times of trouble.)

10. Jonathan
- Coveted older brother of childhood friend - The crushed on neighbour, maybe? J names work for that. Probably the less mystical of the soul mates.

9. Alexander - (Nicholas Wong, I put this in for your benefit, this has nothing to do with Alex.) - To me, he will always be a big brother who is very protective and perfect for your best friend. So obviously he's someone's soul mate. But anyway, he's a shiney person, friendly and full of laughter. Actually, Nicholas is in this category too for some reason.

8. Gareth - Used in: King Arthur Legends. But also a neighbour of mine when I was little - More the best-friendy type to me, the one you are instantly friends with and can be yourself around.

7. Luke - Used in: Star Wars. Also, the Witches. And Lucas, in Empire Records and One Tree Hill. Hmm, could George Lucas = Luke in his mind? Interesting. -

6. Dylan - Used in: J-17s book series from way back when, Diary of a Crush - This is obviously the bad-ass boy who is incredibly Indie and writes love songs for you. Damian counts for this boy too. And Hayden. And Aiden. Nathan. I could go on...

5. Christian - Used in: Not precisely sure, but Christian Bale and Christian Slater were both hotties in their day - This is the boy who is sort of from another era/parallel universe, the dragon-slaying type. Sebastian might also work here... its the 'stian' ending that counts. Oh go on, throw Caspian in too.

4. Lance - Like Lancelot? Also, my cousin's name. Creepy?

3. Blake - Actually, I just found this one. But it's growing on me. I like the strong B, the single syllable... and it's not that common. Hmm.

2. Tristan - Used in: Tristan & Isolde. Another cousin's name. Their mother was pretty romantic. Oh yea, and the Gilmore Girls! - The aloof one? Actually, I like lots of 'Tr' names, Trevor, Trenton, there's just something about them.

1. Will - Used in: Every good book with a good boy. Most notably His Dark Materials and the Dark Is Rising. Oh yea, and A Knight's Tale - This is the perfect boy who locked eyes with you one day and magically you both knew each other. Will, of course, is MY soul mate, so you can all go find your own.

Er, I guess this wasn't really a very good list, coz I got like 50 names in there. Not really a top-ten then, though you know that Will would be number one on my list.

Some notable men that didn't make it: Darling Max, you have my heart, but I didn't love your name. Poor Edward, too.

I'm sure there will be objections, from Sonia in particular. Tell me if I left anyone important out.

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