Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Secret Diary of a Call Girl

This just premiered on Showtime, the happy place that brought us Weeds and that show about lesbians. It's pretty good, and confirms the fact that I am wasting my time in school when I could be a high class hooker instead. I'm just trying how one would get into the business. I need to be spotted by a hooker agent.

There is a really handsome man in it, but for some godforsaken reason, the only video I can find of him occurs at 1:02 of this clip and lasts til 1:04. Yes. 2 seconds. He had more time in the episode. His name is Tom Mison, but he's never going to get anywhere in life if his IMDB page has no picture and his personal website only has 4. And all of them are when he has long hair and is trying to look all Orlando from Pirates. So really, the only way you'll find him is to watch my carefully procured 2 seconds.

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